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EAHIL képzései

(EAHIL : European Association for Health Information and Libraries)

  1. Research4Life & Internet-based Information Resources for Health & Science Professionals in Low and Emerging Income Countries
  2. Searching Clinical Trials.gov, the WHO portal and other trials registers and regulatory sources to improve the reliability of systematic reviews
  3. Navigating International Veterinary Medicine Information: An Introduction for Health Sciences Libraries
  4. Community Managers tools for Health Sciences Libraries
  5. Rigour, results and relevance – What there is to know about critical appraisal!
  6. Mendeley: using reference manager software to help organizing the institutional scientific research
  7. Opportunities and Limitations of Bibliometrics in Research Evaluation: Planning Reports and Showing Results
  8. The inevitability of Open Access. Why librarians have to foster it
  9. Increasing the visibility and impact of health science librarians & libraries


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