Hungarian Medical Library Association (MOKSZ) is an association voluntarily established on an equal basis in 1996 by libraries collecting books with medical/or health care contents. One of its main goals is to help the work of member libraries by regularly held professional trainings.


"Third Conference of the „Health-Information-Library”

Date: May 18th, 2017.
Location: Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Centre: Budapest, IX. Tűzoltó utca 37-43.




  • Opening ceremony, welcome speeches
  • 930-1000 Opening presentation: Ádány, Róza: Public health challenges in Hungary


1000-1100 Conference presentations

  • Perczel-Forintos, Dóra: Detection of suicidal vulnerability and options for prevention
  • Lelovics, Zsuzsanna: In the pursuit of healthy eating: new habits vs. routine
  • Wiesner, Edit: Choosing a holistic approach, or the role of coaching in the implementation of a healthy way of life


1000-1100 Workshop I

  • Ruttkay, Szilvia: Open Access in practice (in Hungarian)


1100-1120 COFFEE BREAK


1130-1300 Workshop II

  • Kapczynski, Marcin: Web of Science Citation Connection - unlocking your path way to discovery (in English)


1120-1205 Introduction of exhibitors I

  • Janzer, Frigyes (Prospero): Prospero’s services provided to medical libraries
  • Lencsés, Ákos (EISZ): Medical contents in the EISZ National Program
  • Ángyán, Katalin (SKS): Scientific Knowledge Services – select the best medical content and tools for your end-users
  • Madzio, Julita (OUP): Medical products from Oxford University Press


1205-1305 Section meeting – Health Literacy

  • Kun, Eszter, Koltai, Júlia: Health literacy competencies of the adult population of Hungary with special regard to prevention
  • Tamásné Bese, Nóra: The healing effect of communication
  • Hajnal-Ward, Judit: Information literacy in addictology


1305-1335 Introduction of exhibitors II

  • Páll, Zoltán (Akadémiai Kiadó Zrt): Open Access publishing and the role of open access in prevention
  • David Beeson (EBSCO): Access to evidence at the point of care and beyond
  • Békési, Beáta (Suweco): Advanced analysis models for optimizing the scientific sources of library materials


1335-1430 LUNCH BREAK

1430-1500 Exhibition presenting the works of art created by librarians in various fields of art


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